Cooking class for Tourists

Let's learn how to cook "WASHOKU" together!!

Being a Japanese cuisine teacher for more than 6 years,
I was very pleased by the news that WASHOKU was added to UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in Dec 2013.

WASHOKU is a social practice based on an essential spirit of the Japanese, “respect for nature”.
Ingredients used in WASHOKU are diverse, fresh and available in four distinct seasons, and require minimum cooking to enjoy their natural tastes.

UMAMI which is essential to Japanese cuisine, draws out the flavor of ingredients and provides an excellent seasoning even in foods with low fat content.

The changing of seasons can be tasted by its cooking process, and the beauty of nature is emphasized in the presentation of WASHOKU. Plates are decorated with leaves, flowers and bamboo, and natural motifs are represented in decorative cut. Cutting techniques in Japanese cuisine is important to get the right taste and texture, such as Sashimi.

Thanks to UNESCO intangible cultural heritage registration, and holding for Olympic Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo,We feel that it will pave the way for Washoku to be known all around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to enhance our activities to protect the Japanese cuisine culture, and its appeal to the world.

Please come and join us as we discover the world of Japanese cuisine.
Cooking lessons are programmed to ensure you experience and enjoy Japanese seasonality.
It will be a great opportunity for us too, to learn about your home-cooked food and cooking culture.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in our cooking studio!

Lesson menu (please choose 3 menus):

  - seasonal tenpura

  - savory steamed egg custard

  - roasted eggplant with sweet miso sauce

  - scattered sushi

  - teriyaki tukune, minced meat formed into a ball or stick shape.

  - chicken meatball and vegetable "nabe" (hot-pot)

  - yakitori

  - california roll

  - tendon (a bowl of rice topped with deep-fried prawns)

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- 3 hours of easy to understand participatory lesson full of professional cooking tips
- 3 dishes with emphasis on seasonal ingredients, and 1 glass of Sake will be served
- Recipe print outs in English will be provided


-We will hold a cooking class provided there are at least four (4) people who will participate in it.
-Our course fee is ¥10,000.
-The event is held depending on the chef's availability.
 So, please let us know the length of your stay.


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